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Let's Get your fit right

Cup measurement

Measure around your bust, at the widest point (usually nipple height)

Let the tape rest, do not pull it tight. If the tape rests on a half measurement, we recommend rounding up rather than down.

Under-bust measurement

Measure just under your bust, around your ribs. Exhale to reduce your rib size. You want this measurement to be taken when the tape is pulled tight, without cutting in too much.
Round your inch measurement to an even number, then add on two. This is your band size in inches.

Use the chart below and these two measurements to determine your Rose and Bare bra size.

Your Band Size

Your Cup Size

Sister Sizes

International Size Conversions

Bra Fitting For Augmentation

If you have had breast augmentation surgery, then we recommend using this measuring method to determine your Rose and Bare bra size.


Breast implant surgery should not change your

band size. So, calculating your band size with

implants is performed exactly the same way

described above, where we explain how to

measure for your bra's band size.


Measuring for your new cup size with implants is not

the same method as the measuring system for

normal breast tissue. With your tape measure

parallel to the floor, measure your breast from where

your breast begins in your cleavage, across your

breast apex, then over to where your breast ends

near the armpit. With this measurement, and your

band measurement, use the table below to

determine your cup size.

Bottoms Size Guide